If we were to describe the Plush feel:

“It would be the emotion left by the contemplation of a Picasso, the adrenaline born of a parachute flight and the joy of a flower found on the pillow in the morning”

Your skin is the mirror of your emotions, fulfillment, sadness and care towards your own person. Just like you, she needs attention, care and perseverance. Being the largest human organ, the skin reflects all the changes from the organism, good or bad.

She first shows signs that can uncover a sickness, the deficient functioning if an organ or another deficiency in the body. Understanding her, you will find out answers about yourself, about your beauty, about you the good that you need.

By feeding her you will lengthen her emotions, joys, youth and for that we have created BIOcosmetics Plush. Because your skin needs energy and nutriments that are live, pure and from the heart of nature.

We just gave our items a serious shake-up.