About the importance of understanding your complexion and emotions, as well as some details about me and Plush BIO

Dear Plushers,

This is the first time I am writing a blog post, thus it is a bit hard for me to start…

I have to recognize that all of your energy and the messages I received made me start writing. As time passes, I want to get to as many of the issues you ask me about daily as possible.

As the community that follows me is numerous, I want to try and be present and answer all of your issues and fears you ask me about online, since you fully deserve it and I wish to offer all the best from all points of view!

About me and the environment I work in

For those that accessed the site and the Plush Bio blog from the Plush Academy section for the first time, I would like to present myself and tell you a couple of things about me.

My name is Ioana Marinescu and I am a pharmacist. I am the proud mother of a young lady of almost 20 years, whom I love immensely.

My passion is to formulate products for skincare, prepare creams, using natural ingredients and create fairytale textures.

This passion was birthed alongside my project for the diploma and back then it seemed like just a dream…

All of my work is the result of the years I spent in different international conferences, at workshops about the latest discoveries in the preparation and formulation of cosmetic products, as well as the consequence of sleepless nights destined to documentation and to the latest and most complex studies.

Also, the one who opened the way and guided me is prof. dr. Anca Dragomirescu, my former teacher at the University of Timișoara. Due to her, I’ve been part of one of the most beautiful and challenging experiences, that of being thought at the Safic laboratory in Paris, where I participated at a one to one meeting with the best in the field. It has been a flashback to being a student and an honor to participate and make tests along with these people.

Recently, I have opened the Plush Bio factory, realized after GMP Pharmaceutical standards. I want to present some details about the factory and the technology it has. It is fitted with 3 types of latest generation filters.

The climate control and purification installations, part of the production process implemented at Plush Bio, respects all of the quality norms for a „Clean Room” environment.

The climate control and advanced purification system is implemented according to internal and international standards (ISO 14 644-1 from 2015) imposed for this type of special use. I will briefly describe the air filtering process. The air take from the external environment is treated ina proportion of 100% at the at the air treatment plant level and is then distributed through 3 steps of filtration:

1. The Rudimentary M5 (acc. EN 779/2012)

2. The Fine F9 (acc. EN 779/2012)

3. HEPA H14 (High Efficiency Particulate Air) – with a filtration efficiency of 99.9995 µm at a particular dimension of 0.3µm, having a penetration level of <0.01%.

The advanced climate control and air purification installations the Plush Bio factory is equipped with are provided by prestigious producers in the field: France Air (France), Plasteurope-Clean Room (France), PBC (UK), ALP (Italy), Emerson (USA/ UE), Luve (Germany). Thus the clean environment we have available to us contributes decisively to the quality of the products, as we wished only the best for you.

Plus, in the production process, only water highly purified through RO-CEDI is used. The capacity of the installation is of 300 l/h WFI permeated at 0,03 µS/cm, with a purified water debit in the recirculating system of 7500 l/h, recirculation speed of 3m/s, urified water conductivity of 0.7 µS/cm, TOC 2 ppb, having in its componence:

– stainless steel reservoir with mirror shine on the inside (1000 l), external switchback for cooling and maintaining constant temperature, thermally isolated, with a disc rupture safety valve -/+ 2 bar sterile breathing filter

-recirculation loop for 10 usage points (in the Clean Room production space) with T aseptic taps, with a WFI distribution bomb, UV irradiation unit and debit/speed, pressure, temperature and purified water conductivity sensors

-automation and parameter monitoring matrix for the entire production, storage and purified water distribution systems, with original software, validated according to CFR21, part 11. norms generps control panel, 15” touch screen (HMI).

This is all just a part of the details regarding the qualities and standards of the Plush Bio factory and I presented them to you to show you the technical part of how the factory is fitted. I did not want this auto-description and presentation of the qualities of the environment in which I work to become overly technical, but I felt the need o share with you a taste of what I do and who I am.

About the importance of understanding your complexion and emotions – Plush Bio vision

Today I want to discuss the motives for which I consider the understanding of the complexion’s needs so important. With a rick of sounding metaphorical, your skin is the mirror to your emotions! And like each and every one of use it lives and feels different, our needs and wishes are different.

First of all, once you internally understand yourselves, you will be able to understand and analyze the causes of certain reaction of the complexion correctly. Because yes, your complexion is alive – it feels and reacts.

Second of all, the problems complexions have these days are extremely varied and differ from person to person. To figure out what you need for skincare, personal analysis of each and every one of you and personal emotional understanding are needed.

Self-acceptance understanding the fact that sometimes you are mistaken about varying aspects of your life makes you human! Any emotion and feeling helps you evolve, especially spiritually and all of them lead to self-love and gratefulness, to an essential assumption. “The Plush beautiful and handsome” are each and every one of you, uniquely and characteristically and this is magical. Thus:

1. Each of you is different, perfect in her own way.

2. Live out your emotions differently.

3. Stress factors, your environment and daily activities differ from case to case.

Once you understood and accepted these 3 points, knowing the complexion and emotions will be easier. For you, Plush should represent the DNA of beauty.

Just how every molecule of DNA is unique,

so is your complexion and beauty.

Try to analyze your lifestyle, reflecting over certain aspects. Consider the hours of sleep, diet, living space, daily sun exposure, blue light, working environment and, not in the least, the factors that influence your emotions and feeling.

Plush Bio is lifestyle, an emotion, lots of passion and love. 

I hope this attempt to communicate more with you finds you well, alongside the ones closest to you!!

At the end of the week we will discuss how you can figure out what kind of complexion you have.

Until then, many hugs and kisses from a distance!